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Kannel HTTP Admin

Written by Sentha on August 28, 2012

For a project, I need to send and recieve SMS’s by accessing Mobile Operators SMSC account. SMSC(SMS Center) is a server which resides on Operators infrastructure and acts as a gateway between internet and Operators network. This server understands an unique protocol called SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer). For a project, I have to use version 3.4 of the SMPP protocol.

Therefore I used Kannel as a gateway between Operators SMSC and our Web Application. Kannel( is an open source WAP/SMS gateway. Once the Kannel gateway is configured properly, it is accessed via HTTP inorder to send/receive SMS and administration purpose.

This article covers how to admin the kannel via HTTP. This covers for release 1.4.3

To check the status of the kannel
http://kannelhost:port/status.txt To get the response in xml then use http://kannelhost:port/status.xml
To restart entire SMSC connections
http://kannelhost:port/restart?password=xxx , must use the admin password. It will re-read the configuration file and start all the SMSC connetions
To change the log level of the bearerbox in runtime
http://kannelhost:port/log-level?level=1&password=xxx ,   available levels are : (0 = is for 'debug', 1 = 'info', 2 = 'warning, 3 = 'error' and 4 ='panic').
To stop a certain SMSC
http://kannelhost:port/stop-smsc?smsc=smsc_id&password=xxx , smsc_id is the link name which needs to be stop. Once invoked, it will kill the SMSC connection.
To start a dead SMSC connection
http://kannelhost:port/start-smsc?smsc=smsc_id&password=xxx , it doesn't re-read the configuration from the file and use the data in the memory to start the SMSC connection.

There are more http commands available, but normally I don’t used them. They are : store-status, flush-dlr, reload-lists

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