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Finding forgotten documents in gmail

Written by Sentha on April 7, 2013

Our mail boxes are filled with hidden gems. It contains memories which are connected to certain messages. I started to notice the forgotten gems while I was searching for old mails. The path I travelled, the hurdles I jumped, my thoughts and my ideas; its very interesting to go through these forgotten gems. I remembered an wise one said, “never forget the way you came”. This is where I realized that my gmail had more than 10000 mails going back to start. Its all the way from time when gmail was introduced and I got an invite from a friend to join.

Lets say, I want to find all the images (jpg and png) I received, which are more than 1KB in size, before 2008.

So I used the following search string to achieve it :

filename:jpg OR filename:png size:1000 before:2008/01/01 has:attachment

And got my result :)

Ohh, and I want to get all the pdf documents which I received between 2005-2006

filename:pdf size:0 before:2006/01/01 after:2005/01/01 has:attachment

This link will help you to create your on search critiria.

Good luck on hidden gem hunting.

(I guess free service provider is also doing the same to learn my behaviours and narrow the ads which are directly targeting me)

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