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Oracle Sql Date Queries

Written by Sentha on June 27, 2013

How to create a date from string value?

select to_date('2013-06-27', 'yyyy-mm-dd') from dual;

For available formats :

How to get the first day of the month from a random date?

select trunc(sysdate, 'mon') from dual;
select trunc(to_date('2013-06-27', 'yyyy-mm-dd'), 'mon') from dual;

this will return 2013-06-01

How to get all the dates, in a particular month from a random date, into a table of rows?

select (trunc(sysdate, 'mon') + (level-1)) all_dates
from dual
connect by level <= to_number(to_char(LAST_DAY(sysdate), 'dd'));

For example, if the sysdate returns 2013-06-27, then result would be 30 records starting from 2013-06-01..2013-06-30

How to get start and end dates of all the weeks, starting from monday, of a particular month for a random date?

    weeks.cdate monday,
    weeks.cdate + 6 sunday
from (
    select trunc(trunc(sysdate, 'mon') + ((level-1)*7), 'Day') + 1 as cdate
    from dual
    connect by level <= to_number(to_char(last_day(sysdate), 'W'))
) weeks
where to_char(weeks.cdate, 'MM') = to_char(sysdate, 'MM')

For example, if the sysdate returns 2013-06-17, then the result:


trunc(sysdate, ‘Day’) will return the ‘sunday’ of that particular week. In order to get monday, we are adding 1 to the received date.

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